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Union College Memorial Chapel

Parking & Shuttle Service

Parking for our concert series is available in the Nott/Seward lot located at the corner of Seward Place and Nott Street. Parking is not allowed on Library Lane, the road adjacent to Memorial Chapel. A shuttle service to and from the Nott/Seward lot will be available one hour before the start of the concert and until one hour after the end of the concert.

Tannery Pond at the Darrow School


As you enter the Darrow School Campus, please follow posted signage directing you to a parking field nearby the Tannery.

Albany Art Institute


Follow the ramp signs to the Empire State Plaza and proceed along the ramp that goes into a tunnel under the Plaza. Stay in the right lane. Take right onto Swan Street. Stay in the left lane as you proceed up the hill and cross State Street. Continue on Swan Street as you cross Washington Avenue. At the end of Swan Street, turn left onto Elk Street. The entrance to the Albany Institute’s parking lot will be on your left before the next street, Dove Street. Metered parking is also available on the surrounding streets.

Opalka Gallery


Visitor parking is available in the circle next to the administration building. If none is available, you may park in any legal space on campus or on nearby streets. Please note: if you park on campus & receive a ticket from Sage Public Safety for parking on campus without a permit, please bring it into the gallery and you will not have to pay it.

Mont Pleasant Middle School


Parking is available behind the school off Norwood Avenue. Street parking is also available.