About Us


Capital Region Classical presents and promotes chamber music performances by internationally renowned musicians and talented young artists to deepen the public’s connection to classical music. We produce inspiring, diverse, world-class arts programming not otherwise available in the region at easily-accessible community locations.


We enable world-famous classical musicians to share their artistry in an intimate setting, engendering a symbiotic relationship where performers and audience feed off each other’s energy to enhance the musical experience. We celebrate the knowledge that these incredible musicians return year after year to the Capital Region because of our program, enabling us to enrich the lives of thousands of people from throughout the region and beyond. We also offer reliably compelling performances by world-renowned artists to optimally perpetuate and develop the art form.


Chamber music is a living art form whose essential values – collaboration, interdependence, and shared sacrifice to advance the greater good – can serve as models for our broader society. We continuously strive to be a more egalitarian society; our concerts, events and business model are designed so people from diverse walks of life can afford to enjoy intimate musical experiences. Administrative and financial stability are essential for achieving our goals; toward that end, we keep operating costs low, collaborate with other nonprofits, and seek broad community support.

Our approach to the current challenges of the coronavirus pandemic reflects these values. We create and curate informative weekly programs on public radio to uplift people’s spirits, featuring commentary and archival recordings to illuminate classical music composers and styles. We limit our expenses, work diligently, and continue to seek support from the community.