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CRC has successfully completed its 3-year, $2 million 50th Anniversary Campaign, and we’re truly grateful to our devoted audience members for their incredible support. CRC now has reserve funds for the first time in its history to help ensure the concerts for years to come. So, what’s next for CRC? We still need your help to bring these remarkable performances to the Capital Region.

Short-Term Goals
Our annual operating expenses total $560,000 and ticket income comprises only one-third of our annual income. So, CRC needs to raise over $370,000 this year to balance its budget.

Many people think that CRC can do this solely through concert sponsorships. While such large gifts help enormously, the most effective way to reach our annual goal is when everyone simply participates. For instance, if every audience member gave only $100 per year, we’d exceed our annual goals.

Long-Term Goals
While CRC’s reserve funds provide some assistance should annual needs not be met, there is still much work to do. We need to continue to build this reserve to eventually create an endowment (an ample restricted fund that generates annual interest income). A healthy endowment is the goal of all nonprofit organizations as it covers annual expenses while preserving the fund’s principal.

There are many ways in which to invest in CRC’s future. Endowed sponsorships and estate gifts can pass along your love of this music to tens of thousands of people for years to come. Multi-year pledges of support also help ensure future performances.


Endowed Gift—$150,000 & UP
An enduring gift that can be made in whole, in installments, or in combination with your estate planning to support a concert in your name (or a loved one) for many years.

Concert Sponsorship—$10,000-$15,000
A gift to support one of our season performances by an emerging or eminent artist.

Young Artist Residency Sponsorship—$5,000
A gift to support a 3-day residency of a talented young artist featuring a free concert, outreach programs, and a masterclass.

Community Sponsorship—$1,500 & UP
A gift that is pooled together with other concertgoers to crowd-source the sponsorship of a program marked with ‘Community Sponsorship’. (Maria Ioudenitch, Terra Quartet, The Sebastians, Evren Ozel)

Student Ticket Fund—$500 & UP
A gift to help subsidize hundreds of free tickets for youth and students to attend the concerts.

General Support
Every gift matters! Please consider lending your support in any way you can.

Gift options include:

  • Cash
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions from your IRA
  • Real Estate & other property
  • Estate Gifts to our Emerson Legacy Society

For more information, contact Derek Delaney at 518.941.4331 or [email protected]