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In light of the rapidly changing circumstances we've all faced over the past several days, and given the great uncertainty ahead, it is with a heavy heart that CRC's board of directors and I have decided to cancel our remaining performances this season. 

We have been working hard to bring these performances to you in some fashion, but weighing the safety of our public, staff, and our artists and in following CDC recommendations, it became clear that we should proceed conservatively and responsibly during these challenging times. I had originally hoped to reschedule these performances in the future, but given the uncertainty and limited touring availability of the artists, it is impossible to do so this year. 

As you know, the COVID-19 outbreak is having an increasingly severe impact on performing musicians and arts organizations. It is our hope that you will consider donating your tickets as a tax-deductible gift to support our fledgling organization - Capital Region Classical - our musicians, and our mission. We offer these world-renowned musicians for prices as low as possible, despite the large subsidy that each of our concerts requires, so great music can be a regular part of our lives. Nevertheless, this revenue accounts for one-third of our annual budget and is so important in enabling us to make ends meet. 

If you feel that donating your tickets to support us is not the right choice for you at this time, please send us
an email requesting a refund, and allow 4 weeks for us to process it. We unfortunately cannot provide credits for next season.

In the meantime, I will be sending my monthly musical essays to you and will be posting on our Facebook page some performances (live and recorded) that I particularly admire - I hope you will view them and engage in conversation with our community in the comments.

As I wrote in my previous message, we need music now more than ever. Listen to those CDs you haven't heard in years, experience music that is new to you, stream concerts on youtube or other sites, and envelop yourself in the beauty that the world has given us. I am truly sorry not to be able to offer live programming to you. 

Stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to being in touch with you again soon.